Project for Global Investment Bank, 2015

This 45-foot interactive display wall has been proposed for a globally-located symposium hosted by a major investment bank. The timeline (at bottom) is both a timeline from left to right, as well as a touch-screen for viewers to track the progress of the symposium, read transcripts of the speakers, and view video of the speeches as they happen – from any of the five global cities in which the symposium takes place. Transcripts of each talk or round table discussion are used to generate visualizations showing both the frequency of words and themes, as well as an ongoing mapping of those themes to one another as they develop and change over the course of the week-long event. By selecting different touchpoints below, users can generate the most recent associations and connections between the themes at any given time, as they evolve.

Designed by a collaboration between the Sapient Visualization team, under the direction of Howard Coale, and Second Story. Special credit goes to Juliana Yamashita and Shahed Syed.